Dan Lim Lab

New perspectives about genome function in neural stem cells and neurons.  

Genome architecture and nuclear compartments.  Long noncoding RNAs.  Chromatin regulators.  Their roles in human disease and therapeutics.  


Long non-coding RNA (lncrnA) function in neural development

Pnky (yes, like Pinky and the Brain) holds the door for neuronal production from stem cells.

Ramos, Andersen, et al., Cell Stem Cell 2015
Andersen, Hong, et al., Dev Cell 2019 


Chromatin regulators and neural stem cell identity


Chromatin regulator MLL1 helps neural stem cells "remember" their positional identity as the brain gets larger and anatomically more complex.

Delgado, Mansky, et al., Science 2020


Systematic CRISPR-based screens for genome function 


lncRNAs have exquisitely cell type-specific function.  Machine learning identifies predictors of function. Comparison to all coding genes and Perturb-seq reveals unique lncRNA function in neural development.    

Liu, Horlbeck, et al., Science 2017

Wu, et al., Cell Genomics 2022


Novel molecular mechanisms of glioblastoma (GBM)

Green "clouds" of a oncogenic lncRNA in the nucleus of GBM.

He, et al., PNAS 2021.


Interdisciplinary interactions for clinical development 

When engineers, neurosurgeons and stem cell scientists meet...

Silvestrini, et al., Mol Therapy 2015.




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