Interdisciplinary interactions for clinical development

Working at critical bottlenecks in the treatment of neurological disorders

When the timing is right, we build interdisciplinary teams to move discoveries into clinical translational.


When engineers, radiologists, neurosurgeons and stem cell scientists meet... 



Transplanting stem cell-based therapies into the brain requires specialized tools and techniques.  With support from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, we developed surgical tools that can "steer" cell delivery to the right brain location with intraoperative MRI guidance (Silvestrini et al., Mol Therapy 2015). 

When lncRNA researchers, computational biologists, and neurosurgeons meet...



Diagnosing concussion can be difficult.  Because lncRNAs are exquistely cell type-specific, with support from the Weill Foundation, we have been developing them as blood biomarkers of brain injury.  To learn more about concussion, click here.  




Some ongoing research...

  • Developing a specific lncRNA as a therapeutic target for pediatric glioma (with Nalin Gupta, UCSF).
  • CRISPR-Cas13a for rapid concussion blood tests (with Melanie Ott, UCSF).